Scotty Wonders is a custom furniture and space design company. We are masters of woodwork and metalwork. We paint, lay brick & tile and pour concrete.

From the initial design and rough construct to fine finishings, we take your project from vision to reality.



Interior Design
     Project Management       Commercial Finishings      Woodworking
Metal Fabrication


Design Miami
Lulu's Nitrogen Ice Cream
Rail 71 Cafe
Mazie’s West Palm Beach
                       HES Group                               Zak the Baker (flagship concept)


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The Hunt

We live in a disposable world where every object has an expiration date or timeline. Based on this current mindset, all of our creations are an exploration in defying this norm. We seek to reclaim, revive, and reinvent the discarded into something meaningful. Our practice is a key element in supporting sustainability.  

The Tinker

Our approach is organic. The final piece evolves from a creative process which may take a different path each time. Once the materials have been harvested, each design is carefully executed.

I had a vision for what I wanted my flagship location to be like and Scott made it happen. From beginning to end, he was a pleasure to work with and delivered gorgeous furniture and finishes.
— Louisa Santos, Founder of LuLu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream



Handcrafted, one at a time and made to order. Our designs and constructs are custom and functional art pieces for residences and commercial spaces.  Each piece is a creation that expresses the work's true historical character. Our work embodies a style of living and statement of innovative craft work.


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